SAPPHIRE PULSE RX 5700XT – Navi Heartbeat Elevated




Type Graphics Card
Price $409.99


SAPPHIRE introduced their PULSE lineup a few generations ago as a more value-oriented series so that there was a nice fill in between reference and their premium NITRO+ lineup and this go around I would argue that, except for modest clocks, this PULSE is as premium their previous NITRO+ Cards

The shroud wraps the heatsink effectively and has the usual PULSE colors of black and red.  The lack of glossy black accents in favor of matte black is very welcome.  The red paints itself a nice accent to the branding of the line and the embedded metal grid is a nice touch to dress it up.  The only complaint is that the shroud does have a bit of flex to it.   The backplate extends over the side of the card but has welcome cutouts for the BIOS Switch as well as exhaust and PCIe power connector cutouts. As an added bonus of functionality to the aluminum backplate SAPPHIRE have added thermal pads to help transfer additional heat from the VRM section of the back of the PCB to the backplate for extra cooling.

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The sides of the card expose the 5 heat pipes SAPPHIRE stuffed into the densely packed finned heatsink.  Peeking under the heatsink we can see that the VRAM and VRM heat dissipation plate is nicely adorned with fin stacks to help dissipate heat even better since it's independent of the GPU core heatsink.

We see a return of SAPPHIRE's removable fan design making for easy cleaning of the heatsink or replacing of a dead or dying fan.  They have a newly designed fan that has accents that add to the premium feel they were going for.

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