This is one of the games that I have been waiting for a long time. And its finally here. OFDR short for Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising is a game developed by Codemasters and is a follow up to the game OFCWC short for Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. The first game was developed by Bohemia Interactive but the name of OF was brought by Codemaster later on after the two companies fell apart. The so thought sequel to OF was thought to be AA but later on was taking away as the name was brought by Codemasters.


OFDR: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
AA: Armed Assault
OF: Operation Flashpoint
OFCWC: Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis

What made by buy this product?

I decided to buy OFDR when I actually first heard of its release. That was after playing OFCWC, which had me totally inspired to play any next game in its franchise. The so called sucessor "Armed Assault" was a total disappointment. But it all changed when Codemasters decided to release its actual sucessor since they brought the game title. Thats when I decided to buy the game. The game slowly came into motion and many things started leaking out. Like its trailers, videos and screenshots. And more importantly the things it had. The realism it depended upon. That is when I made it a duty to buy the game, and soon I had the game in my PC. So mostly it was the news and trailers that made me buy this game in addition to my craze of the Operation Flashpoint franchise.


OFDR is and was a military tactical first person shooter. OFCWC did rely on realism but not as much as OFDR does. You must say thats the strongest point of OFDR. The selection of weapons and enviornment is different in both. OFCWC had a variety of known stock weapons. While OFDR has a list of a known weapons, with their mods as well. So the list expands. The ability to drive a vehicle, may it be an aircraft or a boat, still remains in the game. A person has full freedom to drive any vehicle he encounters in the game. May it be a boat, a sportscar or an helicopter. This coupled with the fact that you have freedom in enviornment makes it a very nice and feature full game. Lets get in details with some of the gameplay aspects of OFDR. These include Realism, Command control and Open enviornments.


As I said before. Realism is one of the most important and challenging feature in the game. A military game is not very much fun if it does not have aspects of real life. Now whats the fun if u can just shoot and kill. Not very challenging is it?. To make things fun and interesting, realism is put in the game. Now the game becomes more fun. To kill you will have to keep in view everything, from the wind to the bullet speed etc.. Most recent games dont have such an advanced system of realism. Most of the realism has been put into the ballistics the game uses, that is a 20,000 pound bomb will cause its respective amount of dust particles to rise, rather than a small area of dust which may be produced by a grenade instead.

Command Control

As the title suggests, command control is related to the squad orders you can give to your team. We will discuss how easy and how effective it is. The squad leader is able to give commands to his team by using the hotkey (Q), after which he is presented with a variety of choices such as Move,Order,Tactical and Follow commands. The move order as states, directs your team to move to the position where you command your team to move. The Order command can be used for giving orders such as defend position,hold fire etc. The tactical command menu allows the squad leader to specify the tactical strategy to his fellow team-mates, which include formations. And follow me command can be easily understood as to what it does. The squad command system is quite easy to use. With a bit of practice the player can easily give commands to his team as to take cover, engage and enemy or suppress them. How effective is it?. Well in my honest opinion the effectiveness is moderate. It is sometimes quite confusing to give commands and sometimes you might give the wrong order so you have to press the hot-key twice, first to exit then re-open. The commands are followed flawlessly.

Open Environment

The game provides the user a free environment to move through. Because of this your movement is not restricted. That is, you may choose your own path and where you want to go from. Maybe one path has less enemies than the other or maybe the other path provides you more protection.


OFDR has graphics that will take your mind off anything, with huge environments and lavish graphics. This game leaves you wanting for more. If your bored with the killing, do some sight seeing, it has some wonderful places. The atmosphere is something that makes the graphics even more stunning. With a perfect atmosphere and realistic lightning effects and shadows the game leaves nothing to be desired from the graphical side.


The game has a great gameplay and has graphics that are gonna blow your mind. Or at least give you the impression that will leave you stunned for a while to marvel its graphics. The realism in the game is something really to be looked into and other games should look into it and see how realistic the game can get. From the ballistics to the videos and animations. Everything is so nicely made that taking a flaw out of the things that are present in it is quite some difficult task. True the game may have its downsides but considering its positive ones, the negatives don't stand a chance. So my final words would be, if you really want to play an FPS game that has great graphics, a good storyline and gameplay and has a nice realistic touch to it. Then I would say you better give Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising a try.


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