Intel’s Massive Core i9-7980XE 18-Core Reviewed With ASUS’ ROG STRIX X299-XE GAMING Motherboard

Jan 30, 2018


Intel Core i9-7980XE

Type Processor
Price $1999

ASUS STRIX X299-XE GAMING: Introduction & Overview

The ASUS ROG STRIX X299-XE motherboard is a beautiful looking motherboard with a classy RGB gash running over the IO area and an understated heat-sink design. It also contains a central RGB LED with the words ROG frozen in glass. All in all this is one o f the better looking motherboards out there. There are 8 DIMM slots on the motherbaord (as is the norm with X299) and 8 SATA slots. M2 storage is available but is rather hard to reach.

To reach the M2 slot you need to unscrew the heatsink on the bottom right corner. Alternatively you can use the secondary M2 slot on the top which only accepts the SSD in a suspended position (perpendicular to the board). This might be disconcerting for the beginner (it took us a few minutes to figure out where the M2 port was hiding) but all in all this can increase the life expectancy of your SSD (due to the heatsink being in contact with the M2 and acting as, well, a heatsink.

Probably the more interesting part of this motherboard is the audio hardware. SupremeFX powered codec that utilizes 9 japanese capacitors and an isolated PCB design ensure that you get the maximum possible Ohmage out of your integrated circuit that can power just about any headphone out there. Short of getting a dedicated amplifier, this is the absolute best in terms of audio.

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