Intel Core i9-10980XE Cascade Lake-X 18 Core, $979 US CPU Review With MSI Creator X299 – Creation Enthusiasts Ahoy!



Intel Core i9-10980XE CPU / MSI X299 Creator Motherboard

Type Processor / Motherboard
Price $979 US / $539 US

Intel Core i9-10980XE - CPU / VRM Temperatures

The Core-X series processors don't only consume higher power, they also release huge amounts of heat. It's well known that Intel is using a TIM based solution between the IHS and die rather than a proper soldered solution like AMD uses on Ryzen. Intel used properly soldered designs on their last generation HEDT processors but they have done away with it. This will lead to poor heat that results in higher temperatures. I used the Corsair H115i Pro for testing.

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