The Hardware Review: Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair


This review is of a Vernazza Gaming Chair provided by Arozzi for review purposes.

Test rig for this chair: One human adult male. 6’3 (190cm), 16 Stone 5 (229 pounds, 103.8kg).

Ahhh double z’s. I love them. They put me in mind of Italy. Whether being punted along the canals of Venice, enjoying Gelato on a hot summer’s day in Florence or relaxing on the gently lapping shores of Lake Como, it’s fair to say I like Italy. Not that I’d let something like this prejudice my opinion of the latest (and most expensive) chair to be put together by the good folks over at Arozzi, but they’re off to a good start. A good name is crucial, double z’s and in this case DOUBLE! Double z’s make things even better for me.

More important than a name though, is how it feels. I’ve had some joking comments since the last chair I reviewed (the excellent AKRacing Premium V2, reviewed here) after putting a picture of a Maldives water bungalow in the review with people asking me on subsequent reviews why I don’t rate things Maldives out of 10! So to keep those people happy and to keep things fresh, we’ll put a nice picture at this point for how I feel upon initial sitting in the Vernazza.

Lake Como out of 10!

Yes! Comfort is important. Like your favourite pair of walking boots, getting home to your super-kingsize pocket sprung with memory foam top bed after a weekend camping or taking off a pair of VR goggles after being in them for too long, the audible gasp after an extended period of discomfort when slipping into the familiar and the comfortable has probably grabbed most of us at one point in time or another. The best new products are ones which I find can make you feel at home as quickly as possible. I’ve been known to go out specifically looking for the identical model of shoes that I had before simply because trying on lots of other new pairs, they didn’t feel right. Overall then, I rate my comfort fairly highly and when it comes to spending time at your desk (which I do a lot of!) the choice of throne is an important one.

In the Box

Arozzi have sent me the red and black version of the Vernazza, it’s a handsome looking beast and doesn’t take long to put together, I’m getting to be a pro at these. After 20 minutes or so, my new chair is ready. The parts feel like they’re very well made and solidly put together, bolts are easy to find the threaded grooves and it all attaches in a very nice way.

Additional to the base, wheels, gaslifts, seat and armrests and the main seat back there is also the lumbar cushion as well as a rather oddly shaped cushion for the head/neck area.

First point of note. The Vernazza, being the flagship chair in the range comes with something important which I think all chairs should come with: Multiple gaslift mechanisms in different sizes. One size fits all works for a lot of things, but it also doesn’t work for a lot of things and this is one of the key areas. I’m tall, my wife is short. If a chair is good, it should be good regardless and I’d like the option to get it without worrying if I’m too tall or short for it. Thankfully that situation is dealt with here.

Another point, on my AK Racing chair I reviewed previously, the plastic side covers get screwed into place. That doesn’t happen here, the side covers have some plastic sections jutting out which click into place when you push them in. Also another positive for me as on my old AK chair, after going on holiday over the winter and the heating in the house being low while away, the plastic cracked since the screw was holding the cover in tightly but the plastic no doubt contracted in the cold. Not the end of the world, but now I have a missing cover on the left side of the chair. These covers shouldn’t present that issue as you can’t screw them in too tightly which I guess I did on the AK.

In the box...

The measurements from the Arozzi website (below) are reasonable accurate, however I found they were missing a few things I’d want to know if I was buying a chair without having tried it out in person.

The first measurement is the floor to seat height. The measurement on the website is for the taller gaslift mechanism and as mentioned previously, there is a second one for shorter people. With this in place, the height range from the floor to the base of the seat is between 31 cm and 41 cm.

I still don’t know why chair companies insist on putting measurements for the sections of the outside part which your body doesn’t touch on their sites. The next one is the top section of the seat which is how much actual space there is to sit on (front to back) so instead of the 58 cm in the picture, the top side of that comes in at 53 cm.

The final missing measurement I could think of is the inside of the seat measurement for the back height. Again, in the diagram, this is specified as 93 cm which is accurate, but of course it goes to the base of the seat so not all of that height is usable. The inside seat back height measurement comes out at 87 cm.

Other than this, the contents are well packed as you’d expect, screws are pre-installed so no worrying that you’ve lost a bag of screws and the chair comes with castor wheels. It would have been nice to see Arozzi give both castors or footpads for those on hard flooring but the wheels seem reasonably easy to settle into place without flying around my hardwood floor too much. Lockable wheels would have been better but there we go.


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