Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 Rev.2 – Silent Running



The highlight of the cooler is its fan and specifically the fan mount which reduces noise to virtually zero. The unit comes with a 92mm PWM fan. The unit is listed as 900-2500 rpm fan with a rated air flow of 45 cfm. The fan is mounted on the cooler using a plastic frame.

The frame is equipped with vibration dampeners that reduce noise generated. Think of these like mini shock absorbers.

The other feature of the fan that reduces noise is the patented impeller design. The fan’s rotor is white in color and contrasts nicely against the black frame. The fan has a 4 pin connector with PWM control for fan speed.


The fan fixes to the cooler by its frame. There are two clips that lock in on the groove carved in the side of the cooling tower.

It is possible to remove the standard fan and mount another 92mm fan in its place.

Rather than specifying the noise generated by the fan and the subsequent airflow in the traditional dBA units, Arctic cooling chose to use the lesser known “sone” unit. At its maximal rotational speed of 2500 rpm the fan generates about .8 sone according to Arctic cooling. The stock Intel fan generates about 1.8 sone at 2850 rpm. .8 sone correspond to about 37 dBA.



The fan has a very basic construction like its main competitor the Cooler Master Hyper 212plus. No Nickel plating, no fin edge design modifications either. Unlike the hyper 212plus this is not a heat pipe direct touch cooler. Also unlike the 212plus the unit has a 92mm fan (as compared to hyper’s 120mm fan). The construction quality is what you would expect for a budget product. The heat plates have “soft” rounded edges, so one doesn’t get abraded fingers during installation. The solder points between the heat sink base and the heat pipes are visible.



The cooler ships with a standard accessory package, which allows installation onto virtually all available Intel and AMD processors.

For Intel processors a mounting plate is included. For AMD processors pair of lugs are provided which latch on the standard AMD mounting mechanism and then screwed onto the cooler. Simple yet effective.

The mounting plate for Intel processors is installed onto the motherboard from the front rather the usual back of the board. This is definitely welcome as it is not necessary to remove the board from the case to install the fan.

The plate fixes to the board by using a system of push pins. A rubber push pin is inserted first which is then supported by a plastic unit.

The fan needs to be removed for to mount the cooler on the base. A set of screws is used to fix the cooler onto the base. Once that is done the fan can be reattached to the heat sink.

As the unit comes pre-applied with thermal paste, one is not included in the accessories bundle.

There is also a nifty Arctic Cooling sticker in the package.

The accessories bundle is “sparse”, but that does not take anything away from the cooler. It gets the job done and gets it done well. The mounting system is definitely a welcome change from the usual remove the board before installation that is common place for most after market coolers.


The unit ships with an instruction leaflet with large diagrams and minimal text. The diagrams are self explanatory. Most users, even novices will find that the cooler can installed by following the visual instructions provided by the diagram. For a second installation the instruction advocate the use of Arctic Cooling’s MX series of compound. A little advertising doesn’t hurt! 


The web pages for this cooler follows the traditional Arctic Cooling website design lay out. There are 5 pages dedicated to this cooler. They are for the main features, specs, support, picture gallery and reviews/ rewards.

I can’t fault the web pages for their content, layout, grammar or comprehension. They are properly written and get the message across. Since the cooler will have minimal issues during installation I do not see many turning to online resource for help regarding installation. The support tab does list a series of spare parts including the fan and the entire accessory package. These can be bought from Arctic Cooling’s web-shop. This is a very good addition. Not only is Arctic Cooling cutting the middle man out thus increasing their margins, they are also providing a one stop shop for their customers.


These are taken from Arctic Cooling’s Website

    • Compatible with Intel Core i7 and Core i5, as well as AMD sockets
    • Excellent cooling performance - 130 Watts
    • Ultra quiet 92mm PWM fan
    • 6 heatpipes and 42 fins for efficient heat dissipation
    • Patented vibration absorption to eliminate buzzing sounds
    • Pre-applied ARCTIC MX-2
    • Easy installation

Heat Sink 104 L x 58 W x 126.5 H mm
Fan 92 mm
Fan Speed 900 - 2500 RPM (controlled by PWM)
Air Flow 45 CFM / 77 m3/h
Max. Cooling Capacity 130 Watts
Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Weight 520 g

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