Announced: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III


Gamespot was able to get an exclusive look at something pretty great. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III has been announced and there are quite a few details on this sequel to last years The Incredible Adventures of Van Helising II. There's even a great video as well showing off the finer parts of the game.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helising III has been announcned by NeoCoreGames, bringing back Van Helsing in his search for a new villian.

Van Helising and his unlikely brand of heroism is back once again for his final game in this particular series. This time he'll be fighting to find an old friend turned enemy as he runs around through the war torn city of Borgovia. In addition to a deep and engaging main story line that follows the legend of Van Helsing, there will also be a slew of different mini-games like a tower defense game.

Some hints about the plot were revealed, such as that Lady Katarina will play a big role in the story. We'll get to learn a bit more about her past. There are certainly a lot of interesting avenues for NeocoreGames to explore here, and the franchise, as well as the greater mythology, is rife with opportunity.

The original two titles actually were very surprising in the experienced that they delivered. It was unique and filled with great visuals and a story to match. And to top it off, the second installment especially felt complete when it was released.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III will be available sometime in Q2 of 2015 on the Steam platform. In the meantime you can go back and play the previous two titles, or just take a look at the awesome trailer that's surfaced with those details. It looks like another interesting title to look forward to.