Resolution Games Showcase 2022 Roundup – All the Announcements from the VR Event

Ule Lopez
Resolution Games Showcase 2022

The 2022 Resolution Games Showcase happened some time ago and played host to various new projects from the titular studio. The event is historic in its own right, marking the first showcase hosted by a VR/AR games studio. Lots of projects, new, upcoming, and betas, were shown, so let’s break it down.

First off, if you’ve missed the livestream, you’ll be able to watch it below.

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Now, onto what’s been announced at the Showcase. The show began with the Spatial Ops Open Beta, which can be downloaded right now. This game runs through the SideQuest VR software, supports 1 to 8 players, and allows players to create digital maps alongside their physical surroundings, doing battle within them. You can see a trailer of Spatial Ops in action below.

Racket Club is another such project revealed by Resolution Games. This one is a sports game that connects players from around the world to VR games, reinventing the idea of pickup sports. More information is set to be revealed throughout next year, which we’ll update on.

Demeo Reign of Madness fans get not one but three announcements for this Resolution Games Showcase. First, the game’s long-awaited PvP version has a release window of next year, bringing the tabletop strategy game to a more competitive stance. Secondly, the Reign of Madness update is out now for players and is the final chapter of the Mad Elven King Saga, complete with new cards, levels, and enemies.

Finally, the game will be exiting Early Access, and is out now on the Epic Games Store. In addition, Demeo is fully playable on Steam Deck, allowing them to take the game anywhere with them. To close out the show, three new game updates are available now on various headsets, which are as follows:

  • Bait! Fishin’ Buddies, which brings multiplayer to the experience, adding the Penguin Point and Casters’ Cove maps. Multiplayer support is up to 12 players in Casters’ Cove, and 4 players elsewhere. (Meta Quest)

  • Blaston’s new free-to-play update. The 1v1 VR dueling shooter is now a free download on Meta Quest 2 and Steam VR. Next year, the game will launch on Pico Neo3 Link and Pico 4 headsets, with a Gratitude Pack containing in-game rewards (players playing before today can redeem these rewards). (Meta Quest, SteamVR, and Pico headsets in 2023)

  • Ultimechs sees its Season 2 update, bringing an Arcade Mode to the game and a brand-new UltiPass with 75 new items unlocked, including the GauntJet Trails. (Meta Quest, Pico headsets, and SteamVR)

We’ll continue to update as more information on Resolution Games’ products is released.

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