Resident Evil Village Gets New Preview Footage, Lady Dimitrescu’s Role Further Detailed

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is still a bit over two weeks away, but Capcom is already spilling the beans on much of what happens in the game’s early hours. A limited-time demo, which let PlayStation owners explore the game’s titular village for half an hour, dropped this weekend, and journalists from select outlets got to check out a larger slice of the game. First off, you can scope out around 20 minutes of 4K PS5 footage captured from this weekend’s demo below (watch it on an HDR-capable screen for best results).

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The folks at Eurogamer also released this video featuring new footage showcasing some of the game’s enemies, including the werewolf-like Lycans, the hammer-wielding Heisenberg, and, of course, Lady Dimitrescu and her blood-hungry daughters.

So, what new info have we learned about Resident Evil Village? Well, based on the demo and impressions from the PlayStation Blog, it seems the titular village is somewhat hemmed-in, with lots of narrow passages, alleyways, and buildings to explore, which may lead to unexpected encounters with various town residents. In other words, don’t expect a super wide-open world. This is still Resident Evil.

The castle area will directly follow your first visit to the village, as Heisenberg (the mysterious guy with the glasses, hat, and big hammer) captures and drags you there. Once you’re let loose in the castle, Lady Dimitrescu essentially acts as the game’s version of Mr. X, constantly stalking you with the help of her daughters. According to IGN, you’ll eventually find something both Dimitrescu and her brood are weak to and then take them out in a series of unique mini boss fights. The ladies aren’t the only thing to fear in the castle either, as you’ll fight large numbers of less powerful enemies while exploring both the castle’s cellar and rooftop.

Overall, it seems like we’re in for a meaty adventure. Castle Dimitrescu sounds every bit as large and challenging as classic locations like the Raccoon City Police Department, and based on the map we’ve seen, it would seem it’s only one of four major locations in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village launches on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Stadia on May 7.

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