Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake Is a ‘Maybe’, Given the Opportunity, Says Dev

Alessio Palumbo
Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake

Resident Evil Code Veronica was a unique installment for several reasons. It was the first game to be initially available on a non-PlayStation platform, launching on Sega's Dreamcast as a launch title in February 2000. It was also the first Resident Evil game to be set outside the United States of America, taking place in the remote Antarctica region. This choice allowed CAPCOM to make other changes to Resident Evil Code Veronica, ranging from a different art style that veered more towards European Gothic to a more mature storyline where protagonist Claire Redfield would be a tougher character, leaning on her previous experience of Resident Evil 2's Raccoon City events.

Upon release, Resident Evil Code Veronica was hailed as a masterpiece by critics, with 94/100 as the average Metacritic review score. However, the Sega Dreamcast quickly failed to gain traction in the console market dominated by Sony, so an expanded version titled Code Veronica X was released on PlayStation 2 in 2001. Eventually, the game landed on the Nintendo GameCube as part of the larger Resident Evil deal signed by CAPCOM. Ten years after the launch of Resident Evil Code Veronica X, CAPCOM released a high-definition remaster for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360; the latter version is also available on Xbox One via backward compatibility. However, the game never made it to PC (unless you count emulation, of course).

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Speaking to Noisy Pixel as part of a Resident Evil 4 Remake interview, CAPCOM producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi said the team is currently busy finishing that project. However, given the opportunity, he said a Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake would maybe be considered.

While far from a confirmation, it is a shred of hope that fans of this game may cling to. Given the success of the Resident Evil 2 Remake and the Resident Evil 3 Remake, and the upcoming release of the Resident Evil 4 Remake, it's fair to imagine CAPCOM to continue with the remakes. The only question is whether they will skip Resident Evil Code Veronica to get on with the fifth mainline installment or not. What would you prefer, Wccftech readers?

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