New Resident Evil 7 Trailers Show Combat and Healing at Long Last

I think you're going to need a bigger gun to bring down Jack. Capcom released a couple of new trailers for their first-person horror game, Resident Evil 7, that shows off combat and green herbs.

The first video 'Survival' gives us a quick look at how the healing items work. The trailer has the main protagonist healing himself presumably after being attacked by a member of the cannibalistic Baker family. It looks like green herbs can be used to patch yourself up or combined with a first-aid kit to increase its potency.

The second video 'Immortal' pits the player against a shirtless Jack Baker. After plugging him with two rounds, it seems that murderous hillbilly does not take kindly to getting shot. To be fair, most people wouldn't either. Previous trailers have shown some familiar Resident Evil mechanics we've seen before.

The title 'Immortal' implies that it will take more than bullets to actually kill the Bakers. At least it could slow them down for you to make a proper escape and hopefully find a weapon that does stop them, though this does fall in line with Capcom's statement that enemies will be almost always stronger than the player character (which is just an ordinary person this time around).

Resident Evil 7 is releasing worldwide January 24th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It will also be fully playable on PlayStation VR at launch along with 4K & HDR support on the PlayStation 4 Pro (Xbox One S will get HDR support, too).

You can download the 'Twilight' demo of Resident Evil right now on the PSN Store, or check out Dave's impressions here first.

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