Resident Evil 2 Remake Tech Analysis Confirms PS4/Pro/X1/X1X Resolution; Reduced Aliasing On X1

Resident Evil 2 Remake

A new tech analysis video has been released today for Resident Evil 2 Remake, highlighting the differences between all the console versions of the game.

The video, shared by VG tech, confirms the resolution for all the console versions of the game, highlighting how the game uses Checkerboard Rendering on PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X to reach their stated resolution. The Xbox One X version also has reduced aliasing compared to the PS4 Pro.

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PS4 renders at a native resolution of 1920x1080. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X render at a resolution of 2880x1620, and the PS4 Pro downsamples from this resolution when outputting at 1080p. Xbox One renders at a resolution of 1920x1080.

PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X seem to be using Checkerboard Rendering to reach their stated resolutions.

The Xbox One X has reduced aliasing compared to the PS4 Pro. The game does appear to be softer on the Xbox One X than the PS4 Pro.

Resident Evil 2 Remake is a game that all fans of the original release will enjoy, as it's a polished and respectful remake, as noted by Nathan in his review.

Resident Evil 2 is a polished, respectful remake of a survival horror classic that probably would have benefitted from a slightly more daring approach. Hints of a braver revamp are sprinkled throughout, but it doesn’t take the risks necessary to join the canon of truly great video game remakes. Make no mistake though, if you loved the original Resident Evil 2, you’ll likely love the remake, and new players who can tolerate a few old-school quirks ought to have a gruesome good time as well.

Resident Evil 2 Remake launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25th.

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