How to Remove Traces of AirDrop Completely from the iOS Action Sheet


Want to remove traces of AirDrop completely from the iOS action sheet? Here's how you can immediately.

AirDrop Disabler Gets Rid of Traces of AirDrop from the iOS Action Sheet

As important AirDrop might be, it's essentially useless if you are not fully invested into the iOS and Mac ecosystem. Admit it, traces of something which you don't use at all can get rather annoying. So, keeping that in mind, and given you don't use AirDrop at all, it's best to get rid of its traces completely from the place where you see it the most - the iOS action sheet.

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Once downloaded and installed from the jailbreak hub Cydia, AirDrop Disabler will remove that horrendous 'AirDrop' row from the iOS action sheet, making things as clean as possible whenever you go ahead to share something anywhere at all. Even if you have AirDrop disabled, with Bluetooth turned off as well, there's an entire row dedicated to AirDrop that does not go away, until or unless you turn your stern towards AirDrop Disabler.

Removes the atrocious AirDrop section from action sheets for a cleaner look and wider field of view.

Take a look at the screenshots below and see for yourself what you'll be getting once you install the tweak.

If you don't use AirDrop on your iOS device at all, then it's best to download this jailbreak tweak right away. It's absolutely free, and cleans up the aspect of iOS which badly needs tidying given you are not using the feature at all. Also, if you see yourself into a situation where you must use AirDrop, then you have the option to remove the tweak and return things back to normalcy.

I personally find AirDrop very convenient and see myself using it on a daily basis. But given that this tweak exists, therefore it's safe to say that iOS is in dire need of customization options where you are free to remove feature entries from certain places. But that's a step too far, and something which Android doesn't allow at a stock level either, until or unless you are willing to root.