Remedy’s P7 Will Have Expanded Replayability While Retaining The Studio’s Trademark Storytelling

Alessio Palumbo

Remedy is going through some fairly significant changes. The Finnish studio known for hits like Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break recently announced that their next project, currently codenamed P7, will be available for multiple platforms; to that end, the Northlight Engine is being ported to Sony's PlayStation 4.

Earlier this month, Remedy also officially entered a partnership with 505 Games to publish P7, described in that press release as a "cinematic third-person action game set in a new Remedy-created universe, featuring an intriguing story and the deepest game mechanics yet in a Remedy game".

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This tease left the fans longing for more information. Luckily, Eurogamer was able to chat with Creative Director Sam Lake and among other topics, he did talk a little about the studio's plans to increase replayability in P7.

Well we are exploring the idea of: we want to retain the strong storytelling and strong characters and strong world-building that we have done in the past, but also we want to find ways for the players to be able to spend more time with an experience that it's not just played once through and then you are done in a weekend. Exploring ways to expand that side of the thing without losing what we feel that we do really well.

Admittedly, Remedy games were always fairly short and without any multiplayer feature, a combination that's not an easy road to success in today's gaming market. We already know that the studio plans to add cooperative multiplayer to its future projects; if they've truly found a way to also increase replayability via specific game mechanics, then longevity shouldn't be an issue.

Remedy is also planning to be listed on the Nasdaq First North stock market, to reinforce the studio's independence going forward. We'll keep you up to date on any P7 related update, though it will be a while yet since the game is still in pre-production.

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