Latest Xiaomi Redmi 4 Shows A Dual-Camera Feature And Very Impressive Build

Omar Sohail
Latest Xiaomi Redmi 4 Shows A Dual-Camera Feature And Very Impressive Build

Just a couple of hours ago, Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun reported that ever since the introduction of Redmi devices back in 2013, the company has sold over 110 million units. Well, turns out that the rising Chinese smartphone OEM can add a few more million units to that tally in the future, because the latest leaked image and a teaser of the alleged Redmi 4 shows that the device is going to pack better features than the Redmi Note 3.

Redmi 4 Leaked Images Shows A Dual-Camera Configuration And A Mesmerizing Shiny Metallic Chassis

Take a gander at the leaked image below and you will see two lens on the rear side of the smartphone. There is also one more detail that you might have missed; both of the camera lens are not producing a camera bump, which suggests that Redmi 4 might be packing a large battery inside it. With Redmi Note 3 sporting a 4,000mAh cell, it is not hard to believe that the company is going to follow the same approach with this smartphone as well.

Redmi 4

Since there are two images, we want you to glance at another image, where you can actually view the impressive build quality of the smartphone. From what we can tell, if the image has not been edited or simulated in any manner, Redmi 4 is going to feature a chassis that is very similar to Mi5. Though it is definitely going to be cheaper than the Snapdragon 820 powered handset, we are glad to see that the Redmi family has slowly, but gradually started to reduce the performance and build quality gap with the company’s flagship lineup of Android handsets.


There is a rumor circulating that Redmi 4 will have a 5.5-inch screen, which will give Xiaomi plenty of room to play around with as far as the battery capacity is concerned. As for the chipset and other specifications, we suspect that 3GB of LPDDR3, and a Snapdragon 652 is going to be part of the configuration. This is probably not going to be the only dual-camera smartphone from Xiaomi, since there are rumors that both Mi Note 2 and Mi5s will come stacked with the same upgrade, but consumers will get the chance to play around with a dual-camera device at considerable savings.


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