‘Red Alert Online’ for Android to Be Released in China by Tencent

Like countless other gamers, I've spent endless hours playing Electronic Arts' Red Alert series of games back in the day. The franchise is a shadow of its former self, and it looks like the series is all set to make a comeback, this time on mobile devices. Electronic Arts have struck a deal with Tencent and Aiyou Interactive Entertainment to create Red Alert Online for Android and iOS. It will release in China sometime in the near future. There is no word about a release in Western markets, but knowing Tencent, it'll only be a matter of time. Here's the official trailer:


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As expected, there is no actual gameplay footage in the trailer, which seems to be the trend for most major mobile game announcements. What scares me a little is that both Tencent and EA are notorious for in-app purchases, and the extent to which they'll affect gameplay remains to be seen. However, there is some gameplay footage, courtesy the YouTube channel Command & Conquer Series.

After watching the video, the game looks like a barely functional free to play title filled to the brim with in-app purchases. What makes matters worse is that it barely contains any of the traditional strategic elements that made the original series so famous. It's clear that the game isn't targeted at old fans, who won't take well to their favourite game being butchered. Maybe, the game will find takers in casual Clash of Clans players, and a few die-hard fans who'll stick with the game no matter what.

The initial impressions indicate that the game is a repackaged version of Game of War with a few RTS segments thrown in. Not sure if it's the best strategy to get the loyalty of hardcore fans of the franchise, but we'll give Tencent the benefit of the doubt, for now. Personally, I'm hyped for the series to hit international markets and might give it a go for old times sake. But, if Tencent makes me pay $9.99 to unlock Tanya, the game goes straight out of the window.

News Source: Android Police

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