ReCore, the Xbox One Exclusive From Mega Man Creator Gets More Details

Jeff Williams

Keiji Inafune, the man behind Mega Man, Onimusha and even the Dead Rising series, has revealed some more great details concerning his next venture, ReCore in a short interview done by Microsoft's Xbox division.

Keiji Inafune and Mark Pacini talk about the main character, your robot companion and the main idea behind the story.

They reveal that the main character is Jewel who has a deep relationship with her robot companion, Mack. Mack found Jewel at the beginning of the game and helped to save her forming a very special bond between the two that's evident throughout. Mack the robot dog belongs to a particular faction of robots that wish to help humanity prosper again.

In ReCore, humanity is on the brink of extinction with another faction of robots that seeks to stop Jewel, Mack and the other faction from completing their goal. The tension between those two groups also increases as the game progresses and you move into underground areas.

"The relationship between the friendly robots in the game and the enemy robots in the game, they get more volatile and deadlier as you go underground and find these areas. That's where all the good stuff is, and that's what you're trying to explore,"

- Mark Pacini

Even though Mack himself is defeated in the trailer, that isn't the end of him though.  A key concept in the game is that so long as his core remains than it can be implanted into other robots and forms so that he can almost literally become anything you wish.

"Mack's consciousness still remains in the core and by implanting the core into another robot ... Mack will live on in another form."

- Keiji Inafune

Another interesting mechanic is the way in which weather can affect maps. The aftermath of sandstorms in particular can change the landscape dramatically and will help shape the way you play the game.

Being that humanities population is sparse, ReCore's central theme is that of survival, but not in the more popular survival horror type of way either. You'll meet many different companions and have to think of how to survive in a world where humans aren't necessarily liked very much.

"This is a very epic story full of mystery and adventure. As I said, robots play a very important role in this adventure, and there will be many more robots that will lead to a rich experience. There will also be many other companion robots you can partner with, and each of the different robots will lead to unique adventures."

- Keiji Inafune

ReCore has been in development for around 14 months now and doesn't have a set release date as it's very much in the early stages of development. It's exciting to see a new IP make its way to the Xbox One, or any console, instead of trying to rely solely on remakes and remasters. Quite frankly the main story sounds very interesting and I can see the emphasis on the relationship with Mack being integral for a very emotional story. Whether that turns out good or bad will be determined when we can get our hands on it.

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