Hidden 1080p Video Recording Mode in Instagram Hyperlapse – How to

Instagram has become no less than a phenomenon as it has truly worked on the "a picture is worth a thousand words" concept creating conversations around images. After the adoption of the social media image sharing site by Facebook, it was expected that the platform might see a downfall considering involvement of something so advertisement-centric like Facebook. However, Instagram has kept growing stronger and stronger giving us better options to live our lives around the cameras and images. If you have become a fan of the latest IG Hyperlapse app, this guide will help you enable a hidden feature that will help you record 1080p resolution time-lapse videos.instagram hyperlapse

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Record 1080p videos with Hyperlapse:

Instagram had started off with only the availability of sharing images. However, now it offers you to share short videos, share photos privately to some other users, and record time-lapse videos at 720p resolution. IG kept the resolution to 720p to keep the time-lapse video stable as it cuts down the data to keep even the most shakily recorded videos stable.

However, as it turns out a secret feature is hidden inside Instagram's Hyperlapse app that will let you record 1080p videos. If you are interested in recording 1080p videos, it is fairly simple:

  • Open the Hyperlapse app
  • Tap on the screen for four times with four fingers
  • You will see a new Labs menu now available in the app's Settings
  • From here you can change the resolution from 720p to 1080p.instagram hyperlapse

The options in the new settings menu will also allow you to background save your time-lapse videos. The hidden feature seems to be for testing purposes or for future releases and might be hidden under more cloches in the upcoming updates. Nonetheless, you can enjoy recording 1080p time-lapse videos using IG Hyperlapse on iPhone until you decide to update your app.

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