Recommended Videos Can Now be Marked ‘Not Interested’ In YouTube For iOS


YouTube is undoubtedly one of the best sources to stream videos and with Google to back it up, the service just keeps on getting better. Recently, the company issued a new update to its YouTube for iOS app that adds a little feature that will definitely go a long way. The update is centered towards fixing three important bugs which were pretty annoying to begin with. Other than this the update also focuses on providing better suggestions. So let's dive in to see what the update brings new to the table.

YouTube For iOS Updated With Fixes For Three Annoying Bugs And Better Recommendations

The latest update on YouTube for iOS jumps up the version to 11.32. The app now makes it easy to enhance personalized suggestions on the iPhone and iPad. This is done by marking the recommended videos as 'Not Interested' which are located under the Up Next section. This helps the algorithm to modify itself to show better and much relevant recommendations according to your interest.

If you're interested in marking recommendations as 'Not Interested', the operation is fairly simple. The first thing that you need to do is launch the YouTube app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. After that, switch to the Home tab icon located at the extreme left on the navigation bar at the top of the interface. Once you do that, tap the menu icon next to the video you're not interested in, represented by three dots stacked together in a vertical form. From the list of options displayed, choose 'Not Interested' in the menu that pops up. That's it.

YouTube for iOS

Apart from this, the update fixes three annoying bugs in YouTube for iOS app. First being, YouTube for iOS update fixes a bug that made thumbnails on the Subscriptions feed to be turned grey when a user scrolled up and down. Another bug that caused the video title below the video player to vanish has also been fixed. Lastly, clicking on an external link in the description does not pause background playback anymore. Even though the additions are quite small, it does contribute to a better user experience.

YouTube for iOS is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod for free on the App Store. So if you haven't installed the app, do it right away and explore a world of video content. This is it for now folks. What are your thoughts on the update for YouTube on iOS? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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