Rebel Galaxy – Assassin’s Creed in Space


Rebel Galaxy is a space action simulator developed by Double Damage for the PS4, Xbox One and PC and set for a 2015 release. Rebel Galaxy takes place in a massive, randomly generated universe filled with nebulae, junkyards, asteroid belts, and ice fields. No two star systems will ever look the same. Explore. Discover new trade routes. Scavenge from the hulks of derelicts. Mine. Hunt. Protect the less fortunate, or prey on the unwitting.

In Rebel Galaxy, you’re in control of an enormous destroyer, bristling with weaponry, firing massive broadside volleys, burning holes in cruisers, and bringing down fighters by the score. Or you will be if you can just earn a few extra credits. Maybe the militia won’t bother to scan your hold.

Erich Schaefer, president of Double Damage explains:

“The environments and the solar systems that you’re playing in are all randomly generated, so every time you play, they’re different,”

“The storyline is not so randomly generated, that will just flow, mostly linearly. But you’re free to branch off, maybe you have to become a little stronger before you can get back into the storyline, you can just do that the way you want to do.

“In the end there will be a grand finale,”

Travis Baldree, CEO of Double Damage continues:

“It’s kind of like a Fallout 3 or Oblivion. There’s a main storyline, but most kinds of people drift off and do other stuff and dip back in,”

“We’ve been doing random games for a long time. I think this one’s easier, because the scope of the content that we have to balance is smaller. I mean, we’ve been making action RPGs forever, and they all have 10,000 different swords that have to level gracefully across the whole game, and all these different weapon types. All those have had a narrative as well, that has to sit within a randomly generated world. But honestly, dungeons are a lot harder than space; you don’t have to worry about the walls intersecting the wrong way.”

Rebel Galaxy has been characterised as Assassin's Creed in space. The space combat is quite reminiscent of the naval combat of ACIV: Black Flag, and the control of the ship feels very similar as well. It does indeed make for one exciting space adventure with intense action and some beautiful graphics.

We will bring you any new information on Rebel Galaxy as soon as it becomes available.