Get Your PCs Ready Because Windows 10 October 2018 Update Could Drop Today

Rafia Shaikh
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[Update]: It's here!

Microsoft released Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809) on October 2 adopting a seeker strategy. The latest version of Windows 10 was available for everyone interested in downloading and installing it. However, the company was pushed to halt the rollout process on October 6 after a number of issues were reported affecting a small set of early adopters.

It's now been well over a month and the re-release of the October 2018 Update is yet to begin. Those who have already managed to install the latest version received a cumulative update from Microsoft earlier in October, making many believe that the company will be quick to offer the update to users again. However, since October 9 - when this cumulative update was rolled out - Microsoft has stayed silent on the subject giving us no hints as to when to expect the re-release.

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Windows 10 October 2018 Update could arrive today - at least one report suggests so

Considering today is the November Patch Tuesday, it is very likely that Microsoft will start the rollout process later today. The company usually sends security patches and maintenance updates on Patch Tuesday and everyone is hoping that the newest version of Windows 10 would be dropped today, as well.

While this may just be an expectation based on past history, there is at least one report supporting this theory. A website that offers Windows 10 ISOs said that it has noticed activity on Microsoft’s servers suggesting that the Windows maker is preparing to drop version 1809 today.

"Preparations are underway for November 13 (Tue). Another attempt to roll out the assembly of version 1809 in the world. Perhaps by November 13, this file "MediaCreationTool1809Oct.exe" will be replaced with a newer one, but for now it is defined as 17763.1" (Google translation)

It will be interesting to see what strategy Microsoft employs once it starts the rollout process. Unlike the usual phased rollout process that the Windows maker had adopted for the past few versions of the operating system, the company opened the floodgates this time, enabling anyone who was interested to get the update to install it by hitting the now-infamous "check for updates" button in the Settings app.

As we reported at the time, people who were curious to see if version 1809 was available for their machines hit the button only to see it started to download and install the latest OS. While some of us were obviously interested in installing the latest version, there were also many accidental installations of Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

- We will update this space when version 1809 ISOs are available again 

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