Razer’s RazerStore in London shows promise as a gamer’s paradise!

On December 14th, 2019, gamers get Christmas just a little bit early as the Razer store will be opening its doors in London! This adds another store to the Razer store line-up.

The location of this store will be 2 minutes walk from Leicester Square near London's busy theater district, and the ever-trendy Soho making this Razer store extremely accessible to anyone being near the heart of the city.

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The newest RazerStore is planned to be a gamers paradise!

The Store experience has been re-designed by the team at Razer to be entirely focused on gaming and gamers alike. The RazerStore in London has been designed to make the shopping experience more akin to gaming, making the entire experience much more enjoyable overall. They do this by having the lower floor feature more hands-on zones featuring a fully enclosed streaming booth, three multiplayer console stations and a LAN area with 10 separate systems, making this less of a store and more of a gamers paradise! With this amazing area, Razer plans to run everything from weekly tournaments to boot camps to help players hone their skills, Razer is even inviting streamers to stream from the dedicated streamer booth, all equipped with Razer's market-leading broadcast equipment!

The first floor is more like a conventional store having dedicated displays for their products, like Razers headsets, mice, and mouse mats, in both the fan-favorite Mercury and Quartz suites. Along with dedicated sections for console peripherals, Razer Blade systems, streaming and mobile hardware, and a dedicated section to show off Razer's line of apparel and accessories.

Information for the Grand Opening!

With the Grand Opening of this amazing store set to be on December 14th, 2019, the queuing officially starting at 7 am GMT, while most fans will be outside far before that, Razer is offering raffles, competitions, and activities that will run-up to the 7 AM starting time. The activities and prizes don't stop at the opening of the store, quite on the contrary, on Saturday there is a full day of activities planned out, along with some amazing prizes to be won, YouTubers and Twitch streamers to meet and some gaming tournaments to win!

For more information on this amazing event go check out the website for the new store here, which will have all the upcoming activities and times for the Grand Opening day.

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