Apple Marina Bay Sands Store Opens On Thursday in Singapore

Imran Hussain
Apple Marina Bay Sands

Apple's newest spherical retail store, Apple Marina Bay Sands, is set to launch on Thursday in Singapore. The store is located in the premium Marina Bay location, floats above water, while providing an amazing panoramic view of the iconic skyline that surrounds it.

As per Apple, the store features a one-of-a-kind glass dome that does not require the support of any pillars. Apple says that the oculus in the top-center of the dome is inspired by the Pantheon in Rome. The dome consists of 114 individual pieces of glass, which are held together by 10 vertical mullions. The all-glass structure allows natural light to fill up the store during day time, while at night, the glass provides a nice lighting effect. The glass is also coated with baffles which reduces the amount of sharp sunlight that enters the store. Apple has also filled up the store interior with trees to provide shade.

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Apple Marina Bay Sands
Apple Marina Bay Sands
Apple Marina Bay Sands
Apple Marina Bay Sands


Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail + People said:

“We couldn’t be more excited to open the breathtaking Apple Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, building on our commitment to this special place that began more than 40 years ago. Our passionate and talented team is ready to welcome this community to our new store and deliver the care and support that our customers around the world love.”

The store will serve as a location for customers to try and experience Apple products, seek support from staff, book appointments for technical issues, and even attend the free Today at Apple sessions which focus on various creative uses for the company's products. The sessions will take place in the Forum, which features a huge Video Wall which will display various product demos or presentations.

This will be Apple's third retail store in Singapore. The first store is located in Orchard Road, while the second store is located in Jewel Changi, which is yet another iconic location in Singapore.

The store will begin operations on Thursday, September 10 at 10:00 a.m. Singapore time. Apple will continue to implement measures such as temperature checks and compulsory masks usage at the new store.

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