Razer unveils new gaming peripherals for Starcraft II


Razer is a well known name among PC gamers for their fantastic gaming peripherals. Now the company has teamed with Blizzard to reveal a new mouse, keyboard and headphone. All the peripherals are built for the popular game, Starcraft II.

The Spectre is a new mouse for RTS players that use a "claw grip". It has the usual buttons you find on a mouse as well two keys on the side which can be used for macros. The mouse has a weird looking rectangular shape. Another important visual change is in the form of the "AMP Lighting system" which provides real time visual feedback related to in-game events. The Spectre retails for $80

The Marauder Keyboard has been designed specifically for Starcraft II pros. It lacks any dedicated multi-media keys however long macros can be programmed on the normal keyboard keys. The Marauder is priced at $120 which is a bit too steep keeping in mind it doesn't have many features.

Lastly, we have the Banshee. The $120 headphone has a detachable microphone, over-the-ear design ear-cups and volume/mute buttons on the back of the headphones.