Razer Might Get Into the Smartphone Business With the Nextbit Acquisition


It is very strange when a PC peripheral manufacturing company such as Razer announces that it has entered into an agreement with Nextbit, where the latter is going to be acquired. However, Razer obviously will not be making this move without a purpose, and the one we’re guessing is that the manufacturer wants to get into the smartphone business as well.

Nextbit Will Continue to Operate as a Separate Company – Razer Might Use Nextbit’s Experience to Roll Out Phones of Its Own

On Nextbit’s official blog post, the company’s executive Tim Ross states the following, all the while reassuring consumers that they will have nothing to worry about as far as the acquisition goes:

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“I’m thrilled to announce that we’re joining the Razer family! They’re rebels like us, they speak from the heart, and they share our need to push boundaries. Nextbit will operate as an independent division inside Razer, focused on unique mobile design and experiences. To put it simply, we’ll be doing exactly what we’ve been doing all along, only bigger and better.

If you’re curious what this means for Robin, don’t worry. While we have stopped selling Robin and all accessories through our official channels, we are still dedicated to supporting all of you. We will continue to fulfill warranties for 6 more months. And as promised, we will continue to provide software updates and security patches through February 2018.”

Ross has said that Nextbit will continue to operate as a separate phone manufacturer, but this could also mean that Razer will be entering the smartphone business in the foreseeable future. For now, Ross has stated that consumers will continue to receive software and security updates through February 2018.

The last phone the company introduced was the ‘Robin’ and functioned on a very interesting business model. Though it featured terrible build quality because it was plastic all around, it was still a very good performer when you wanted a decently priced phone with great hardware tucked inside. What do you think is going to be Razer’s next move as far as this acquisition goes? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.