Razer Grows A Huge Heart For Just 24 Hours – Offers 50 Percent Off On All Peripherals


During CES 2016, Razer showcased several of its products and now the company wants to give back to its loyal phalanx of fans with the best way it can; providing them with a sizable discount. Here are the details on how you too can take advantage of the 50 percent discount that Razer is offering on its peripherals.


Razer Might Be Offering A Discount, But Its Limited To One Item Per Customer And There Are No Gaming Systems That Will Be Offered At A Reduced Price

The deal has already started, and if you live in different time zones, then Razer has you covered with the amount of time you have left. While the discounted offerings are too good to pass, there are some conditions that you will have to bear. First off, the deal is limited to one item per customer, because the company wants to ensure that as many fans get in on the sale as possible.

Another thing that we need to mention is that in order to avail the discount, customers will need to sign up for a Razer ID and link it to the company's fan community Razer Insider. Instructions have been posted in the images below, so make sure you look at them carefully before you proceed. Last, but certainly not least, if you were looking to become the proud owner of a Razer gaming system, then you will be required to pay full price for that because the company will not be offering any discounts for any of its gaming machines. So for those wanting to get their hands on Razer’s latest Blade Stealth gaming ultrabook, you will have to pay the full retail price.

Regardless, for owning an expensive mechanical gaming keyboard, mouse, headset or gaming pad, this is definitely the best time to cash in (no pun intended) on this deal. If you do happen to like what Razer has offered to you guys, then do tell us what product you will be purchasing. As we write this, we have to say that we are the proud owner of a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 mechanical gaming keyboard, because we are extremely satisfied with what it has delivered to us so far (6 years running and still counting).

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