Razer Is Changing up the Way You Look at Its Peripherals With the Introduction of Mercury White and Gunmetal Grey Versions

Omar Sohail
Razer Mercury White Gunmetal Grey peripherals

For years, Razer has produced a wide range of gaming peripherals that were only available in black and this color scheme worked out great for several years. With its unique logo exuding the green color combination, you cannot deny that this pairing looked thoroughly appealing, even though the goods the company was making were being sold for a premium.

However, Razer has decided to introduce a new product line and it does not mean phasing out previous items; it just means bringing in the same products that feature new colors to attract a bigger user base. This will include peripherals that are available in the Mercury White and Gunmetal Grey versions.

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Mercury White and Gunmetal Grey Versions of Razer Peripherals Finally Give More Color Volume to Company’s Products

Razer has definitely heard your cries for adding more colors, which is why the peripherals manufacturer has come up with a total of two different varieties to give more depth to the products that you will end up purchasing. The products that have been given that complete makeover is the Blackwidow X keyboard, Lancehead mouse, Kraken 7.1 headphones, and Invicta mouse pad.

While those aren’t as many as we would have wanted to see, it is a surety that we will be seeing more items added to the company’s product portfolio. We under that it is a much safer bet to give the cheaper peripherals different colors that sell in a higher frequency than the ones that will cost you an arm or a leg.

If you are interested in purchasing any one of the four gaming peripherals in a different color variant, the source links have been given below. After purchasing in black versions for quite a while, it is definitely time to make a change, don’t you think?

News Source: Razerzone

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