Razer Kraken Ultimate is Razer’s newest gaming headset

Razer has just announced its newest headset, the Razer Kraken Ultimate a headset featuring THX spatial audio technology which allows for incredibly immersive surround sound in all your favorite games. This new audio technology surpasses the positional accuracy achieved by the industry-standard 7.1 surround sound.

Razer Kraken Ultimate plans to give a winning edge to more competitive gamers!

The Razer Kraken Ultimate has custom-tuned 50 mm drivers in each ear, with these drivers this headset delivers amazingly powerful, detailed, super-clear sound and a very punchy bass. This headset has been checked to make sure that these drivers delivery the sound that the Razer Kraken line is so well known for.

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The Razer Kraken Ultimate has an Active Noise Cancelling Microphone, the microphone is Discord-certified which makes sure that your voice comes through clear and without any distortion or background noise. When Razer added the Active Noise Cancelling to this microphone, they fine-tuned it to detect and ignore all background noise while speaking to make sure that you're teammates will only hear the important information.

The Razer Kraken Ultimate features amazingly tough aluminum and steel construction to make these headphones last along with that they have cooling gel-infused ear cushions for lightweight durability and long-lasting comfort. The cooling-gel cushions help reduce any heat build-up when wearing this headset for any long period of time and also have a special channel designed for glasses to comfortably fit through.

This is not the only headset that Razer is releasing today, there is also the Razer Kraken X USB, which offers special ear cup lighting and 7.1 virtual sound.

The release date and price point for each of these devices differ greatly the Razer Kraken Ultimate will be selling for an outstanding $129.99 or €149.99, while the Razer Kraken X will be going for cheaper most likely considering the lower driver size and that it will be using the industry standard 7.1 sound format, its initial price will be $59.99 or €69.99. The release date of these headsets was November 14th, 2019 meaning you check buy the Razer Kraken Ultimate here, and the Razer Kraken X here. With how recently these headset released its unlikely that they will be going on sale for Black Friday this year.

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