Rambus Achieves Industry’s Highest 18 Gbps GDDR6 Performance


Rambus Inc has said to achieve an Industry-leading GDDR6 performance at 18 GB per second, this is an amazing improvement for GDDR memory which delivers up to five times the performance of DDR4 memory.

"Memory bandwidth poses a significant obstacle for designers working on performance-intensive applications such as AI/ML," said Hermant Dhulla

The main issue with memory has been the bandwidth limitation, this bandwidth limitation has caused many headaches for AI, ML, data center and networking and the automotive system is in great need for higher bandwidth memory. These designers have been limited very heavily by the current bandwidth of GDDR5 and the original prospective speeds and bandwidth of GDDR6 were an improvement, but not a huge improvement.

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However, Rambus Inc has achieved an amazing result with a speed of 18 GB per second, as this memory is running four to five times faster than on the market DDR4 solutions. The Memory of Rambus GDDR6 PHY shows that Rambus is dedicated to creating peak performance and leading-edge products that entice any PC builder, for home use or for data center use.

Hermant Dhulla also stated, "with our GDDR6 18 GB per second memory subsystem, Rambus technology can unleash the power of leading-edge designs with a proven and cost-effective memory architecture." This memory architecture does include not just the GDDR6 itself, but also the companion GDDR6 memory controller to give this memory the acclaimed speed of 18 GB per second.

The Benefits of the Rambus GDDR6 PHY are:

  1. It has a maximum bandwidth of up to 72 GB per second
    1. this increases the already amazing appeal of this memory module, with the high speed and the huge bandwidth. This memory will look increasing promising for data centers and machine learning / artificial intelligence development
  2. Optimized memory subsystem (when including the companion GDDR6 memory controller)
  3. Supports high-performance applications such as data centers, machine learning, and AI development
  4. Rambus offers PCB and packages design support - meaning that customers can bring this to their specifications (designs, colors, etc..)
  5. Features Labstation development environment - enables quick system information call, along with characterization and debugging possibilities

This memory does open a lot of possibilities for upcoming RAM and graphics cards being that as of right now, major suppliers such as Samsung and Micron have only released GDDR6 modules with up to 16 Gbps per pin speeds.