Rainbow Six Siege’s Core Development Team is Moving on to a New Project

Rainbow Six Siege

There are few better examples of how to do a live service game right than the ever-resilient Rainbow Six Siege. Since launching the tactical shooter back in 2015, Ubisoft has provided Siege with a steady drumbeat of quality content and made big changes when need be, fostering a fiercely loyal fanbase. Ah, but nothing can last forever.

Ubisoft has announced via a new video that the Rainbow Six Siege’s longtime creative directors Xavier Marquis and Alexandre Remy are leaving to pursue new projects, and taking much of the core Siege development team with them. Check out the announcement for yourself, below.

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Alexandre Remy had this to say about the big creative shakeup for Siege…

We are about to change the core team of the game. A certain number of people who have been here for a long while, including Xavier and I, will leave the project and we have a new team ready at the helm. This new team has been working for several weeks and [includes] some Siege veterans. [It is] about to take full lead of Siege within the weeks to come. The new team is great. It is composed of veterans who have worked on Siege for a long time. We are transmitting a legacy to these people. We could not have hoped for a better outcome. I am looking forward to being able to look at Rainbow with the eyes of a fan.

Meanwhile, new Siege director Leroy Athanassoff dropped a few hints about what direction the game may go under his leadership…

We will start expanding the "game universe." If you look at player experience, we need to stop thinking about exclusive features and start implementing inclusive features instead. What I mean, is that we need to deliver content that will impact every player and the whole community.

It will certainly be interesting to see how Rainbow Six Siege will develop going forward. Will the game lose its way or will this creative shakeup provide a breath of fresh air? Also, what might Marquis and Remy be moving on to? There were those rumors of a new Rainbow Six co-op PvE shooter floating around this summer – could that be moving forward? We shall see.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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