Rainbow Six Siege Community Cup II Final – Which Team Will Dominate?


Rainbow Six Siege is a game we've spoken about quite frequently in the past, be it from looking at the financials of Ubisoft and the success of the game - particularly showing how a game that wasn't exactly large at the start has only grown through the successful implementation of a live service strategy - to even looking at crossovers with the likes of Netflix.

What we don't speak about much is the competitive side of the game and the simple fact that Rainbow Six Siege is one of the largest eSports titles in the world (16th, according to esportsearnings). The appeal for the game is global and on that note, the final of the Rainbow Six Siege Community Cup II is taking place tomorrow, running across two days.

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Hosted by Cyber Sports League (CSL), CSL is the official esports partner to Ubisoft within the Middle East region and as you can imagine, Ubisoft is also sponsoring the Community Cup II. Further to this, the tournament is also sponsored by nVidia Middle East. The prize pool for the tournament is a total of $20,000, $8,000 going to the winning team, with a large platform for all involved as the tournament is said to be the largest in the region, in terms of viewership and community engagement.

The finals are down to eight teams that are listed below. Honestly, I know nothing about any of them, but I'm rooting for Cats With Attitudes because I like to picture a group of angry cats with an attitude problem, wearing hoodies. Little do they know, the crocodiles (Cocodrilos Esports) have brought a secret weapon: Catnip.

  • Osh-tekk Warriors
  • Power Esports
  • The Ultimates Esports
  • Yalla Esports
  • Panan Gangs
  • Nameless
  • Cats with Attitudes
  • Cocodrilos Esports

The Stream of the finals, beginning at tomorrow as well as running on Saturday the 23rd, can be seen below. Otherwise, the link can be found here where you can also watch videos of the qualifying stages. The stream of the final begins at 12:00 GMT both tomorrow and Saturday.

If, like me, you don't speak anything other than English (I'm useless, I know) - you can still enjoy the gameplay despite not understanding the commentators. It's never stopped me while watching international football matches nor certain esports.