Radical Entertainment Shutting Down

Muaz Kayani

Radical Entertainment has been around for a long time and are perhaps best known for their Prototype series. They're quite talented and their games have been getting better than average ratings, but Activision says that Radical's newest offering, Prototype 2, failed to, "find a broad commercial audience," thus leading to Activision shutting them down.

Its all fun and games until you turn into THIS.

In addition to Prototype, Radical Entertainment has a number of other titles under their belt. Most notable being, Scarface: The World Is Yours and Simpsons: Hit and Run, with the latter being one of my most beloved PS2 games. Its sad to see such talent going to waste, seeing as both Prototypes were decent games.

Hopefully, some other publisher will buy Radical and we will get to see more games from this talented developer, but for now, all looks bleak for Radical Entertainment.

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