Quantum Break CE “Very Unlikely” Says Remedy; Game’s Score “Very Different” & “Modern”


A collector's edition for Remedy's Quantum Break is "very unlikely",  says Remedy's head of PR, Thomas Puha. The PR Head also had something to share about the game's score, which will be "very different" and "modern", according Puha.

We already got a preview of the game's score during Quantum Break's latest trailer, which was shown off during The Game Awards last week. The game's music is composed by Petri Alanko, who also composed the soundtrack for Remedy's Alan Wake on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Game soundtracks are as important as movie soundtracks nowadays, and although it remains a matter of taste, Quantum Break´s score will be "very different" according Thomas Puha.

Remedy's PR lead was asked whether the upcoming time-bending Xbox One exclusive, will have a soundtrack as amazing as Alan Wake had. According Puha, this is up for players to decide for themselves. The PR head adds that he really likes the "modern" score, and that a part of the game's score is included in the latest trailer shown off during The Game Awards.

A Quantum Break Collector's Edition is possible, but "very unlikely"

Over the past few years, a lot of games have been receiving so called ‘Collector’s’ or ‘Limited’ editions upon release. Those editions come with special bonus items, not available in the ‘standard’ version of the game. Publishers usually release these special editions as promotional tools, and are often released in limited quantity.

The game that comes with a limited or collector’s edition, doesn’t vary from the ‘standard’ version, but true Collector’s editions offer additional content, such as an artbook, a statue, or a metal casing.

Releasing a limited collector’s edition isn’t up to the developer, but remains the decision of the game’s publisher. As pointed out by the Thomas Puha, it’s up to Microsoft to decide whether they will release a collector’s edition for Quantum Break.

Remedy’s PR head adds though, that it’s “very unlikely” that this will happen. Also a lot of published collector’s editions, are released for sequels to established franchises, which Quantum Break isn’t at the moment.