Qualcomm Will Use Former Apple Engineers to Compete Against Its New M-Series Chips

Qualcomm to compete against Apple Chips

Apple is well ahead in the processor game with low power and high-performance chips in its latest MacBook Pro models. While Intel and AMD are gearing up, Qualcomm has also announced its plans to release ARM-based chipsets for PCs. More importantly, Qualcomm's upcoming chips will compete against Apple Silicon that power the new MacBook Pro models. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Qualcomm to Compete Against Apple With Its Next-Gen Chips Redesigned by Nuvia

Qualcomm has announced at its investor day event that it will release ARM-based SoCs for PCs which will compete against Apple's new M-Series chips. Other than the competition, Qualcomm also plans to lead the PC industry with “sustained performance and battery life”. In addition, the company does not want to be limited to the computer industry but also optimize chip architecture for mobile devices, vehicles, data center applications, and much more.

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Qualcomm will unveil its "next-generation" technology for CPU hardware, which will be designed by Nuvia. If you are unfamiliar, Nuvia is a chip startup founded by three former Apple engineers that worked on Apple's A-series chips. Qualcomm acquired Nuvia earlier this year and it seems the company will make use of the appropriate knowledge set. Nuvia CEO, Gerard Williams also works as the senior vice president of Qualcomm's engineering department. After Williams departed, he was sued by Apple alleging that he exploited the company's technology and also approached other employees to work for him at Nuvia. Nonetheless, Williams also filed a lawsuit against Apple and there has been no resolution between the two parties.

Now, Qualcomm will be moving forward to integrate the Nuvia team with its technology. According to The Verge, Qualcomm's next-gen processors were redesigned by the Nuvia team. The move will allow the chips to “set the performance benchmark for Windows PCs”. Qualcomm referred to its next-gen chips as an "M-series competitive solution for the PC." Apple is gradually making itself independent as it is working to rely less on Qualcomm's 5G modems.

Take note that this is just the start and the Nuvia-designed chips will reach consumers sometime in the year 2023, as per the company. Within this time frame, Apple will move ahead and launch more powerful chips with improved performance and battery life.

This is all there is to it, folks. What are your views on Qualcomm competing against Apple using Nuvia? Let us know in the comments.

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