Qualcomm Says Next-Gen Chipsets Will Offer Facial Recognition That Will Outperform the Same iPhone 8 Feature

Omar Sohail
Qualcomm chipsets

Qualcomm might never have an advantage against Apple’s SoCs in raw performance, but the chipset manufacturer is sure that its next-gen products will be able to beat the tech giant at its own game, which happens to be improved security. According to the company, its next lineup of hardware will boast an extra layer of security, and Qualcomm is confident that it will be able to beat the iPhone 8’s facial recognition scanner in more ways than one.

Qualcomm Will Incorporate Improved Depth-Sensing Technology in Upcoming Chipsets - Company Says It Will Improve Imaging Capabilities and Smartphone Security

Qualcomm is more than certain that its advanced image signal processors (better known as ISPs) and improved depth-sensing attributes present in smartphone cameras will be able to improve security beyond our imagination.

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Qualcomm has actually promised that its next generation of Snapdragon chipsets will be able to do much more, and it will be able to carry those functions out faster and with a lot more accuracy. Upcoming SoCs from the manufacturer will be able to use infrared light, which will be able to measure depth and render high-resolution depth maps for facial recognition, 3D reconstruction of objects and mapping.

The IR light will come attached to the camera module on a phone. If you thought that would be the only advantage, then you’re mistaken; smartphone camera aficionados are going to love their new shooters. Qualcomm states that clearer HDR photos, video image stabilization and a phone's ability to track movement in a VR headset are also said to be part of the packaging, meaning more goodies for the average consumer to look forward to.

The video highlighting Qualcomm’s efforts towards bringing a swirling number of improvements have been detailed below. Still, we remain skeptical on the facial recognition speed and accuracy that the firm is prattling. We are well aware that the iPhone 8 will be unlike anything we have seen before, and looking at Qualcomm’s inability to even beat the A10 Fusion in benchmarking applications, we are not too convinced.

Are you though? Let us know down in the comments.

News Source: CNET

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