Qualcomm Makes Samsung the Official Smartphone Partner for Snapdragon Pro Series

Furqan Shahid
Qualcomm Makes Samsung the Official Smartphone Partner for Snapdragon Pro Series

While it is true that Samsung and Qualcomm are two companies with a rocky relationship, ever since last year, they have been aligning their goals. For those who don't know, over 70% of the Galaxy S22 phones worldwide shipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, and the Galaxy S23 series will exclusively use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, and that too, a variant exclusive to Samsung.

Qualcomm and Samsung Relationship Strengthens as Samsung Becomes the Official Smartphone Partner for Snapdragon Pro Series ESL

Today, Qualcomm has announced that Samsung is now the official smartphone partner for Qualcomm's Snapdragon Pro Series ESL. What does this mean? The events will be covered in Samsung branding across the board, and most of the competitors will be using Galaxy devices powered by Snapdragon chips.

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Qualcomm has announced that Snapdragon Pro Series competitors playing at Mobile Challenge and Mobile Masters levels will only use Samsung Galaxy devices approved by the competition.

Stephanie Choi, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Marketing at Samsung, said the following about the partnership,

We're committed to bringing high-performance Samsung Galaxy devices powered by Snapdragon to the hands of billions of gamers around the world to proote both camaraderie and competition. As the Official Smartphone Partner of the Snapdragon Pro Series, this announcement deepens our existing collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies and is an important step in our pursuit to advancing mobile technology in the esports world.

All of this is exciting, but we still do not know which phones have been sanctioned by Samsung it is safe to say that some Samsung flagship phones will be cutting, considering how they feature everything a smartphone gamer would want.

The Snapdragon Pro Series ESL will take place at DreamHack Valencia later this month. For those interested in smartphone gaming leagues, stay tuned for more information. You can get all the information about Snapdragon Pro Series ESL here.

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