Qualcomm Reportedly Preparing Its Adreno Turbo Technology to Take on Huawei’s GPU Turbo


Huawei revealed its new GPU Turbo Technology last month during an event in China. The technology boosts gaming performance of smartphones with lowered power consumption, resulting in higher frame rates. The technology will arrive as a software update to many devices, but most of them like the Honor 10 GT already provided ‘out of the box’ support for it. According to a new report, Qualcomm is now gearing up to launch a similar technology, and it is going to be called Adreno Turbo.

Adreno Turbo Slated for an August 2 Announcement to Take on GPU Turbo

Qualcomm China has hinted an announcement related to mobile gaming on its Weibo page. It teases a new Adreno Turbo technology that could provide a better gaming experience on handsets fueled by select Snapdragon processors. The chipset manufacturer might also announce a new Snapdragon SoC at an event in China tomorrow, but it is unconfirmed at this point.

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According to MySmartPrice, the Adreno Turbo technology would be a direct competitor to Huawei’s GPU Turbo technology. According to claims, Huawei’s GPU Turbo technology improves graphics processing efficiency by nearly 60 percent and reduces power consumption by 30 percent during gaming. The GPU Turbo technology also enables AR and VR applications to run smoothly. Currently, Huawei’s GPU Turbo technology is not compatible with all smartphone games.

When the GPU Turbo Technology was announced, Huawei stated that it will support games like PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The company will expand support for more games in the future. In addition to boosting frame rates, the GPU Turbo technology enhances the gaming experience by bringing HDR picture quality as well, and it is highly possible that Adreno Turbo mimics some of the features of GPU Turbo.

If Qualcomm does indeed announce it on August 2, Android OEMs may issue software updates to enable the feature on compatible handsets. After the official announcement regarding the rollout of Qualcomm’s Adreno Turbo technology, we may see an Android OEM announce the first smartphone to ship with the new technology out of the box. Our guess is that companies like Razer, Xiaomi and ASUS will be the first ones to release a software update since these are the only companies who have launched gaming smartphones till now.

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