Huawei Honor 10 GT Is an Honor 10 on Steroids – Up to a 60% Graphical Performance Increase and Featuring 8GB LPDDR4X RAM

Huawei Honor 10 GT Is an Honor 10 on Steroids - Up to 60% Graphical Performance and Featuring 8GB LPDDR4X RAM

Huawei’s sub-brand has released a new, not to mention a significantly more powerful Honor 10 variant called the Honor 10 GT. It is being touted as the most versatile smartphone at the moment and since it belongs to the company’s Honor lineup, it is going to be more expensive than the regular Honor 10, but certainly cheaper to gain the necessary attention thanks to its improved performance and upgraded RAM count.

Honor 10 GT Comes Running Huawei’s GPU Turbo Technology Right Off the Bat - New EMUI Also Features New File System That Prevents Phone From Slowing Down

Huawei has integrated the Honor 10 GT with its proprietary GPU Turbo technology. We’d recommend reading in detail on how this technology but if you want the synopsis, this technology increases the graphics processing efficiency on smartphones, which allows handsets to run graphically taxing games without significantly impacting the battery life and performance. It takes cares of the bottleneck between the EMUI operating system and the CPU and the GPU. It also improves hardware and software cooperation, increasing the efficiency further.

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Honor claims that the GPU Turbo technology improves graphics processing efficiency by 60 percent and decreases the SoC power consumption by 30 percent. Moreover, all of this is achieved without compromising the image quality. In fact, with the GPU Turbo technology, higher image quality and performance can be achieved as well. GPU Turbo can also compensate for games lacking HDR visuals with its rendering capabilities and offer better frame rates than similar and better spec’d devices.

Coming to the hardware specifications the Honor 10 GT is not any different than the P20 Pro as it features a Kirin 970 and its processing capabilities will be aided thanks to 8GB of RAM. The Honor 10 GT also sports Huawei AIS, which starts for AI Image stabilization and it steadies handheld night pictures for long exposure pictures without a having tripod.

With AI intelligent anti-shake, handheld pictures taken with the device are clearer, according to the company, but since it is software-based, we believe that it will be less superior than hardware stabilization or OIS. George Zhao, the Huawei Honor President, also said that the AIS technology will also be introduced to the other variants of Honor 10 on July 15.

For those interested in the Honor 10 GT, no exact price point has been announced as of yet, although sales will commence on July 24 in China.

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