Qualcomm Launches The IPQ40x8/x9 SoC For Enhanced 802.11ac Wi-Fi Performance


While Qualcomm might be famous for its mobile chipset solutions, the company manufacturers a host of other components and chips as well that are an integral part of a lot of electronic devices out there. From processors to wireless modems, the company has its toes in many waters and its launched an all new Wi-Fi SoC that significantly improves on current platforms.

Qualcomm Introduces Fully Integrated SoC For Routers, Hotspots, Carrier LTE Gateways And More

In a press release, manufacturer Qualcomm claims to have developed a fully integrated processor for a variety of wireless connectivity platforms. Qualcomm claims that its wireless solution will allow for improved efficiency and network performance through the company's exclusive features.

Dubbed as the IPQ40x8/x9 the SoC comes with two 2x2 radios that are capable of PHY rates reaching 1.3 Gbps, a quad core ARM CPU and a Gigabit Ethernet chip, all on the same package. Its also the industry's first fully integrated Wave 2 MU-MIMO solution and allows manufacturers to bring 11ac capabilities into the mainstream segment.

Qualcomm's IPQ40x8/x9 is also highly compatible with USB 3.0, PCIe, SD/eMMC and other interfaces which greatly increases the scope of services and connectivity offered by the chip. The company claims that the SoC will bring new features and connectivity to a host of platforms such as the Internet of Things, LTE Gateways and more.

With the introduction of this groundbreaking system-on-chip, Qualcomm Atheros is creating a new level of smart gateway that is cost optimized for OEMs and fully featured for carriers, and brings 11ac Wave-2 performance to enterprises and retail applications alike"

We are very excited about extending our leadership in Wi-Fi innovation to new products. This next generation of smart gateways are designed to make it easier and more affordable for OEMs to offer top-of-the-line features to a wider range of consumers." said Tony Hsu, director product management at Qualcomm Atheros. It should take a while however for the IPQ40x8/x9 products to start shipping since the chip is expected to enter mass production by Q1 2016 and has already been sent to customers for sampling. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section.