Qi Wireless Chargers Will Soon Support Quick Charge

Qi wireless chargers happen to be a very handy set of chargers, especially when the factor of convenience is taken in to account. However, the only current drawback with these particular set of chargers is that they take a lot of time to completely charge the mobile device. If time is of the essence, then Qi wireless chargers are quickly replaced in favor of chargers that support the Quick Charge feature. As of right now, Qualcomm’s high end chipsets support Quick Charge 2.0, which are able to charge the device up to 60 percent in a time span of 30 minutes. Now, it appears that Qi wireless chargers are going to possess the same feature, somewhere in the near future, negating consumers from carrying a Quick Charge capable plug at all.

Qi Wireless Chargers Will Be Able To Deliver Up To 15 W Of Power To Handsets In The Future

According to the Wireless Power Consortium, owners of Qi compatible handsets are not going to have to wait for a ridiculously long period in order to have their smartphones charged completely. According to the organization, future Qi wireless chargers are going to be outfitted with a Quick Charge circuit that will be able to deliver 15 W of power to mobile devices, which is definitely a steroid boost when charging is concerned.

Similar to Quick Charge chargers, Qi wireless chargers will also be able to charge their handsets up to 60 minutes while placing those devices on the charging pad. Pretty sweet right? So when exactly are we expecting to see this form of rapid charging? The Wireless Power Consortium has made no mention to this information, but has stated that the new tech will be available sometime during 2016.

Furthermore, this particular technology will also be backwards compatible with older set of smartphones, delivering a high degree of flexibility. Now that is something that we have been wanting to see for a very long time. However, we cannot help but think if future Qi wireless chargers are going to be as expensive as Quick Charge 2.0 chargers.

Regardless, we are going to have to wait and witness for future details regarding these. If released, would you guys purchase one? Let us know.

Image source: Chinavasion

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