PSP2 as powerful as a PS3? Possible?


Sony has made a claim the likes of which can only be read in fictional books such as "Around the World in 80 Days" Sony has issued a new claim that the PSP2 (NOT to be the confused with the PSPhone) will be AS POWERFUL as a PS3, Is that even possible? Considering the PS3 runs on a cell processor and an Nvidia RSX GPU both of which consume a decent amount of power being turned into pocket size is a bit unimaginable don't you think so?

The PSP2 is scheduled for a Q4 2011 release, although with no other details following it I can hardly believe that the technology to make a full size console pocket size is still beyond years of development.

Sony has officially confirmed that they WILL announce the PSP2 on January 27th at a press event in Tokyo. Could this be Sony's ace in the hole against the Nintendo 3DS? Although the 3DS is launching MUCH earlier compared to the PSP2 this won't stop Sony to living up to their far fetched claim.

Source: MCV UK