PS4 Owners May Finally Be Able to Change Their PSN Usernames Soon


Are you getting a little tired of your PSN username you rattled off at 2 in the morning a decade ago? I mean, sure, Hugh_Jass420xXx was pretty hilarious back in high school, but it’s a bit embarrassing when playing games with your kids as an adult. Well, thankfully, PlayStation owners may finally get a chance to right past PSN wrongs. Yes, according to a new report from Kotaku, Sony will soon allow players to change their PSN username.

This information comes from anonymous sources at three different studios, who are working to implement the changes in their PS4 games. Since PSN profiles are linked to a username rather than a unique ID number, allowing people to change their names is a bigger overhaul to the system than you might think, but, presumably, Sony has come up with some sort of solution. According to a separate report from VG247, players will be able to update their usernames and revert to their old names if the change is simply too traumatic.

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The ability to change your PSN username has been widely requested for years, but, for whatever reason, Sony has always held out. Xbox Live has always allowed users to change their gamertags, although there is a price – the first change is free, but subsequent name changes cost $10. It’s unknown whether Sony will be charging anything for PSN username changes.

Of course, we’re still technically in rumor territory here, so take this with a grain of salt if you must, but the sources reporting the story are very reliable. No word on when PSN username changes will arrive, but apparently the recent PS4 6.0 firmware update laid the groundwork for the new feature, so expect it soon.

What do you think? Will you change your PSN username? Or are you sticking by Vote4Pedrolol2006 forever?

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