PS5’s DualSense Controller Could Make You Feel More Attached to Characters – Supermassive Dev

PlayStation 5 DualSense

While we still don't know how the retail version of the PlayStation 5 will look like, Sony did recently unveil the DualSense controller, the successor of the DualShock series of controllers.

The gamepad features a number of enhancements over the DualShock 4, such as strong haptic feedback available thanks to voice coil actuators and adaptive triggers capable of changing the resistance levels.

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Speaking to Gamereactor, Pete Samuels (Managing Director of Supermassive Games) expressed his excitement for the DualSense, stating that its 'tactile' features could make players feel more attached to the characters in a game.

Obviously it's really exciting for us. As you say, we've had some experience not just with Until Dawn but we spent a couple of years working in VR and making some games in VR and got to play with some stuff, including voice control in one of the VR titles that we did. So yeah, we're excited, we like new stuff - we like trying to design for new stuff.

You mentioned the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller and its features, and we've been having some chats about that for a little while now about how we're going to use that.

The whole tactile thing - as much as we can transfer what you'd expect the character's experience to be directed back to the player, I think the better attachment you feel to the characters.

The voice controls that we did before were VR so it was first-person, so it made a lot of sense to actually make your choices [using your voice] because it was you in the game - in the third-person perspective it perhaps makes less sense. But we're already having some discussions [...] about some things we might do, some things that we might incorporate into the game having seen the announcement of the DualSense.

Samuels also expressed 'massive' excitement for the advent of game streaming platforms.

A new generation of consoles is always exciting. Streaming platforms are massively exciting, as they try to broaden the gaming audience, and we think what we do plays to that in terms of the types of experience we build, bringing film watchers and TV viewers into our world. There's so much to be excited about over the next couple of years.

Supermassive Games is about to release the second game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, Little Hope, due this Summer on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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