PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders Returning to GameStop and Other Retailers Tomorrow


Last week pre-orders opened up for the PlayStation 5 and, surprise surprise, it was a bit of a schmozz. Online retailers opened pre-orders in the middle the evening and those few who managed to get a PS5 into their carts were often screwed when websites crashed before they could complete checkout. Eager gamers lined up at physical retailers the next morning, but many found PS5s were in drastically short supply. Well…get ready to do it all again, because another round of pre-orders is coming tomorrow!

Gamestop was the first to make the announcement, saying additional pre-orders will be available online and in stores on September 25.

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Walmart Canada and GAME in the UK have also made announcements, hinting most major retailers will be getting more stock.

Video game deal-finding AI Wario64 provided a few more details earlier in the day – it seems this latest batch of PS5s going up for pre-order will not be available on launch day, but perhaps a week or two after. Also, as with the previous round of pre-orders, don’t expect many PS5 Digital Editions. These will almost all be the more expensive model with the disc drive.

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If you actually want to get a PS5 this year, you may want to make plans to camp out now, as I’m sure online pre-orders will a baffling mess yet again. Call around to stores and see if they’ll tell you how many consoles they were allocated – during initial pre-orders, some GameStops in my town got fewer than 5 PS5s, while some got as many as 50. Going to the right store may be the deciding factor in actually getting one!

So, who’s going to try to grab a PS5 tomorrow? What’s your battle plan?