PS5 Charging Dock Is Up For A 54% Discount Offer For The Next Two Days – Avail Offer Now

Zarmeen Shahzad
PS5 Charging Dock

Are you one of the lucky ones who have already gotten your hands on the PS5? Well, then this deal is for you. Wccftech is offering a discount offer for the next couple of days on the PS5 Charging Dock. This dock will keep your controllers charged and your system cool. With 54% off, the charging dock is a great purchase and you will not regret making the investment. So, hurry up and get it right away.

PS5 Charging Dock Features

This 2-in-1 dock is a cooling and charging system. It will keep your system cool while it is charging. It is also a dual charging station for your controllers. It comes with 2 USB hubs and one USB port. The dock will charge the station vertically and will not take a lot of counter space. When it isn’t in use, you can easily store it as it doesn’t take up much room. Here are highlights of what the PS5 Charging Dock has in store for you:

  •  Dual charging station: Store & charge your controllers simultaneously
  •  Cooler fans: Keep your PS5 cool & calm while charging
  •  2 USB hub + 1 USB port: For data transferring & charging
  •  Vertical stand: Keeps your controllers steadily used vertically
  •  LED indicators: Indicates whether your controllers are charging or fully charged
  • Note: Controllers and dock are not included.


  •  Color: black
  •  Materials: plastic
  •  Dimensions: 13.6"H x 7.8"L x 2"W
  •  Features
    o Vertical stand
    o Cooler fan
    o Dual shock charging station
    o USB hub
    o USB port
  •  LED indicators
    o Red: charging
    o Blue: fully charged
  •  Super saving design


  •  PS5 Charging Dock

Don’t have a PS5 and you use your friend’s PlayStation? Well, this charging dock will make a great gift and you can then enjoy your friend’s device guilt-free. So, ready to make this amazing investment?

Original Price PS5 Charging Dock: $89
Wccftech Discount Price PS5 Charging Dock: $40.95

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