PS5 Possibly uses AMD Ryzen CPU as Sony Appears to be Actively Working with the Tech – Rumor


Sony appears to be actively working with AMD’s Ryzen CPU tech to improve Zen microarchitecture support, and a recent report suggests that this might be related to Sony’s upcoming PS5.

As published by Linux tech website Phoronix, and reported by Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry, a principal programmer at Sony Computer Entertainment has apparently been actively investing his time in the "znver1" tech -  AMD’s first-gen Zen CPU support within LLVM.

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On top of that, information on LinkedIn confirms the staffer's involvement in compiler development for PlayStation hardware. Game credits in Media Molecule's Tearaway and Evolution Studios' DriveClub confirm that the developer is also a part of Sony's Advanced Technology Group, which serves a number of roles in the Sony organization”, Digital Foundry writes.

An interesting find since no PlayStation 4 console is currently using AMD’s Ryzen CPU, and why would Sony be actively investing time in tech that currently isn’t used in any of its consoles? “The fact that the platform holder is improving a key part of the developer toolchain for a new processor line that none of its products currently support is compelling evidence that Ryzen will indeed form a key component of a new console”, Digital Foundry believes. “It is certainly the most logical choice for a new CPU architecture for both Sony and Microsoft as pre-production work on next-gen hardware continues behind the scenes.”

For additional details, we suggest you read Digital Foundry’s full article.

Last month we already reported on the first rumors suggesting that Sony’s PS5 would be using an 8-Core Zen CPU and Navi GPU. As covered earlier today, Sony has stated that its PS4 is entering the final phase of its life cycle, and we're curious when news about its successor will be revealed.

What do you make of this report? Will the PS5 use AMD’s Ryzen CPU? Hit the comments below.