PS4 vs Xbox One: Why the Next-Gen “Console War” is Meaningless

The "console wars" is one of the very top terms that you might have heard millions of times during your stay at the online gaming community. Whether it be the 1990s or the 2000s, the console wars have always been there ever since the first two video game consoles came into existence. Now, when the next generation of gaming has already started, it doesn't matter how much you try to restrain yourself from getting into an argument with someone else who is loyal to the Xbox One, for eventually, you will surely find yourself explaining why your PlayStation 4 is better. After all it is natal and kind of logical, but that doesn't mean it is necessarily important.PS4 and Xbox One

The Next-Gen "Console War" is Meaningless - PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are Two Fantastic Consoles

One thing that I have picked up from all the talks between people from two unconventionally created groups is that the console war is just as meaningless as the smartphone war, and no matter how many times you try to organize the chat, you won't be able to stop passionate gamers from bawling out each other. Of course, competition is inevitable, and in very few cases, the next-gen console war tends to come in handy, such as it gives a good idea of which company is leading the market to the investors by comparing console sales. But putting the world's blame on someone who made a mistake of not purchasing the console that you prefer is sad and somewhat absurd.

One console being capable of much more than the other doesn't mean everyone should opt for the one with more hardware potential. Sony's PlayStation 4 is clearly prevailing over the Xbox One in many cases, it ranks on top in the consoles hardware specs chart and the platform holder's upcoming Project Morpheus exclusive compatibility makes it even more attractive. Microsoft is aware of the fact the evergrowing PlayStation 4 fan base is not in the best interest of the Xbox One, this is why the manufacturer decided to cut off the Kinect from Xbox One bundle, this also suggests that analyzing the current situation, Microsoft has started to make the right choices.

But on the other hand, Microsoft's Xbox One is also blessed with some features that no other next-gen console have such as the power of Cloud computing, a vast selection of awesome entertainment apps and a fine library of thick quality first-party and third-party video game titles. With the passage of time, both the platform holders will throw more cool features in the bag and the PlayStation 4 will always be better than the Xbox One in some cases and worse in others, and vice versa. The question that will remain is that which console is better for you.

PS4 and Xbox OneWe are almost six months into the next generation of consoles and we exactly know how the PlayStation 4 preferentially differs from the Xbox One. After going through the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One announcement events, we know that Sony's next-gen console is focused more on true hardcore console gaming, while Microsoft just brought about a console that is a complete living room entertainment box. Keeping all the hardware issues, DRM policies, and technical and resolution-gate stuff aside, let's just judge both the consoles through their offerings.

As asseverated by Sony, PlayStation 4's foremost obligation is to provide unparalleled and unique hardcore gaming experience to console players. The console comes packed with entertainment apps and other features that are not gaming centric but its non-gaming offerings are lesser than the Xbox One's. PlayStation 4 has a pretty neat collection of video game titles and Sony is also fully supporting the indie devs to develop more games for the console. The upcoming exclusive Project Morpheus virtual reality headset is also something that shouldn't be kept out of the discussion. Sony's PlayStation Plus premium online digital content distribution service is also more giving in terms of free monthly content.

On the other hand, Microsoft's Xbox One is a more of a living room entertainment system than just an all-time video game console and it has some big advantages over the PlayStation 4. First thing first; the Kinect. This piece of hardware is something that makes your living room experience complete. It is affected by some initial issues but Microsoft is working on a fix and an update is expected to arrive sooner than later. The library of entertainment apps for Xbox One is also large, and the upcoming promised gadgets such as IllumiRoom (It's still being worked on and there are chances of it coming out next year) put the console a step ahead on the charts.

The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are two fantastic gaming machines and just because your console is heavy on hardware doesn't mean you get the authority to verbally beat the living biro out of other gamers who own a less powerful console. PlayStation 4 might be the perfect fit for you because you live to kick action in hardcore games such as Killzone, but for others, the Xbox One might be better because they want some living room entertainment with casual gaming.

Things are shaping up with every passing and and the console war is becoming more meaningless. Microsoft is trying to solidify the competition by offering more on the gaming side as well and things are turning in favour of the Xbox One. Sony is also accelerating things up by bringing more first-party titles to the PlayStation 4. All in all, both the companies are going pretty straight for now. The upcoming E3 2014 will again give a chance to both the platform holders to set things in their favor, let's just sit back and see what Sony and Microsoft has got in store for its fans.

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