PS3 4.10 Firmware Update Is Live And You Can Download It Here

Rizwan Anwer

Sony has been releasing updates very frequently but this one is quite a special circumstance. Earlier this month it was announced that PlayStation Network (PSN) Is being renamed to Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) This firmware will finalize that final step into implementing it and effectively converting all PSN accounts to SEN accounts. If you don't want to wait for a slow download from your PS3 you can download the firmware directly by reading ahead along with instruction guide on how to install it.

Here is a changelog of what 4.10 brings:

An update to the PS3 system software was released on 8 February 2012. If you update your PS3 system, the system software version will be 4.10 and the following features will be updated. In order to download PS3 system software version 4.10, you will need a minimum 180MB of free space on either the PS3 Hard Disk Drive (System Update) or on removable storage media (PC Update).

Main features in system software update version 4.10

  • Setting the date and time automatically

[Set Automatically] has been added as an option under [Settings] > [Date and Time Settings].

Other new or revised features in version 4.10


  • The Internet browser has been improved for better content display.


  • [PlayStation®Network account] has been renamed to [Sony Entertainment Network account]. You can continue using your current sign-in ID and password to sign in to PlayStation Network.


  • Depending on the software title, you may not be able to play without first updating the PS3 system software.
  • Do not perform updates using any data other than the official update data provided by Sony Computer Entertainment over a network or on disc media, and do not perform updates by methods other than those described in the product documentation or in this site. If an update is performed using data from another source, by another method, or with a PS3 system that has been altered or modified in any way, the PS3 system may not operate properly and may not be able to install the official update data. Any of these actions may void the PS3 system warranty and affect your ability to obtain warranty services and repair services from Sony Computer Entertainment.

And here is an installation guide for those of you who want to speed up the PS3 firmware update process by downloading it directly on your PC and then installing it on your PS3.

Installing a PS3 firmware from a USB Directly isn't rocket science; all you need is a USB 2.0 flash drive formatted to FAT32 Filesystem and you are good to go.

Step 1.

Download the firmware HERE

Step 2.

Now on the root of your USB make a folder called "PS3" (without the " " of course) and inside that folder (PS3) make another folder called "UPDATE" (again without the " ") and inside the update folder put the downloaded PS33UPDAT.PUP file and your PS3 is now ready to install the new firmware without the need of you downloading it from your PS3 which takes significantly more time for most people

By the end your Directory should be:

X: is the USB drive label


And there you go, your PS3 is now readily updated to the latest firmware and you can now back online to your favorite video games and media streaming services 🙂

With this firmware update I bid a warmhearted farewell to PSN and look forward to seeing whether SEN will be in the news more often now considering the PSN debacle that underwent last year.

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