Prolimatech’s High End LGA-2011 CPU Heatsinks Exposed

Hassan Mujtaba

Prolimatech seems to be preparing two new High End Coolers for the LGA 2011 platform which would feature a dual heatsink design.

One of the coolers resembles the Genesis cooler featuring two heatsink blocks, The new one comes with both blocks bend downwards featuring a Top-Down heatsink design, Six nickel-plated pure copper heat pipes run along the cooler base through both dense aluminum fin blocks. One side of the block has slight bit part of it trimmed out to allow easier installation of memory modules which high length heat-spreaders. It can be seen that the heatsink  can be equipped with dual 120mm fans though the other fan can cause some problems with memory modules.

The Second Heatsink is still a concept design, The model shows the heatsink uses a total of  6 heatpipes running through four sets of aluminum cooling fins. A set is placed parallel to each other as a Tower design and cooled by two fans (A third fan could also be installed).

Both heatsink clearly look like professional grade coolers for the Enthusiast market, Their production, availability and pricing are yet not known but we'll keep an eye out for more details.

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