Project Morpheus Demonstrated on Jimmy Fallon, Has Strong Potential

Project Morpheus is one of the industry surprises. It is going to be the first VR (Virtual Reality) HMD (Head Mounted Device) to make a debut on a console, having support for the PS4 the peripheral also allows players to bring their hands into the game with the help of the PlayStation Move controllers. Are you excited to get one for your PS4?

PlayStation 4 Project morpheusProject Morpheus is definitely a game changer, it is going to help take console gaming to a whole new level of interactivity the same way that motion controls on the Kinect and Wii have made so many games fun for us to play games in a new way and encourage us to get off the couch. Project Morpheus could indeed help show the true power of the next generation consoles if we integrate the right game properly into it. While we have only seen the HMD when it was revealed but for the first time we will see a live demo of it in action on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon"

Skip to 1:55 in the video to see the start of it.

As you can see, Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the demo does look superb to help ease new comers of the technology into the experience by just having them use their hands and showing them a fun tutorial level of a sort. Project Morpheus will definitely make an appearance at this years E3, while the VR HMD still doesn't have a price tag attached and is also not planning to launch anytime this year, you can easily count it as a safe bet that the technology will definitely cost you a good amount but those who are willing to pay for it are definitely going to get their money's worth, especially if the PC community figures out how to integrate Morpheus into the PC.

For now, I look forward to more details on Project Morpheus, especially the kind of games we can look forward to, an expected release date along with other details such as price, features and other unannounced goodies that are sure to be in store for us once Sony decides to lift the lid off this beautiful accessory. I just hope that the developers who do make games for this keep in mind that this might not be a common accessory and make the right games for the right audience, but if the price point is right then this thing can hopefully have a good reach in the market and hopefully Sony will release an affordable bundle that will include this and a PS4 console with other goodies included.

What do you think of Project Morpheus thus far? What would be your ideal price and game to play with it on the PS4?

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